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What is the Domain Name

Domain name is the words or phrases that are used to identify a website (also known as URL). A domain name appears in the address bar after the “https://”, and the domain name of our website is “morningcow.com”. The domain name helps you to connect to the website directly by just typing a few words, rather than entering the website by an IP address.

To put it simply, the domain name works mobile contact that helps you call your friend by just selecting and pressing call, rather than enter full mobile number and call. Domains are connected to IP addresses in the same way.

Additionally, the domain name is also used for a custom email address like we have seen from the company’s email address to help the company look more trusty. For instance, “[email protected]” from Google Search Console or “[email protected]” from Discord.

Parts of a Domain Name

A domain name are consist of two parts: Top Level Domain (TLD) and Second Level Domain. From our website, MORNINGCOW.COM: “morningcow” is a second-level domain known as a “domain name”, while “.com” is Top Level Domain (TLD).

Top Level Domain (TLD) are including three main types: Generic Top Level Domain (.com, .net, .org, .xyz), Country code Top Level Domain (.co, .us, .uk, .tv, .gg, .io, .ai, .me), and Brand Top Level Domain (.google, .axa, .bmw, .azure, .amex, .apple).

  • Generic top-level domains (gTLD) are TLDs that are three letters or longer. For generic top-level domains, .com is the most well-known.
  • Country code top-level domains (ccTLD) are two letters TLDs based on countries. For example, .us is the country code domain name for the United State of America (USA) and .uk for the United Kingdom.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

To create a domain name for a business basically just use your brand’s name as a domain name with .com TLD. But when your brand’s domain name is not available you might need to make it different by creating a new domain name with something different as the following ideas:

  • Abbreviations – bcg.com (Boston Consulting Group), ft.com (Financial Times), nytimes.com (New York Times), hbr.org (Harvard Business Review).
  • Add an article (a, an, the).
  • Add prefix or suffix that relates to the brand.
  • Add the industry to a domain name, like standardhotels.com.
  • Use other generic TLDs or ccTLDs that related to the business such as .io, .tv, .uk, .us, .net, .co, .yourcountrycode, etc.
  • Shorten name – mckinsey.com (McKinsey & Company), bain.com (Bain & Company), and bridgewater.com (Bridgewater Associates).

How to Create a Domain Name

Once you can choose the right domain name for the website, the next step you need to create a domain name by registering a domain name with a domain provider. There are a lot of domain providers to register the domain, this is a list of my domain registrar that I’ve used before (no sponsor at all):

  • Cloudflare
  • Domain.google
  • Namecheap
  • GoDaddy
  • Porkbun
  • Dynadot
  • Name.com
  • Domain.com

To create a domain name for your website, just choose a domain provider and search for the domain name that you want, if it’s available, then you just finish your purchasing order and point your domain to wherever you want.

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